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June 26, 2012


Gone with the wind.

April 23, 2012

I have to warn you guys that this is gonna be a wordy post. Because this might be my last post currently.

Its now 1:20am, and maybe that's why I am already feeling the Monday blues.

Getting a little messed up my head, but trying to put them in control.

I guess I am just lucky, things didn't got too deep in me.

And I guess I am still strong enough to shut them off.

The Cineleisure contest, work, monstrous nights are all killing me.

* Phew*

Now its all over and done with, no more contest for the time being.

Really need a break here.

But I have to give thanks to people who have been helping the Uptowngirls throughout.

I am really grateful.

This serves as a lesson to me, a priceless one.

Who has always been there for me, who was there from the start and left halfway, who stayed and supported us throughout... I know I know.

It was all heartfelt.

I am really thankful to those that have been helping us so much in the voting and trending on twitter.

If not we wouldn't hit that much of votes and trended twice on twitter.

You people gave us so much hopes to continue and press on.

Though we didn't win the contest, we felt all the love you people gave.

I wanna thank all my friends that continue to encourage me after this.

And also my team mates, Kiyomi and Venice for staying up countless nights to pull votes and all.

I had an awesome experience with you guys. Stay strong girls!

So now, for the real ranting.










I really am.

I got so tired I think I lost myself.

I felt engulfed by sadness, and tied by chains.

And I want to search for what brings happiness.

I wanna feel it all over again like a child.

This decision will make a blind like me see.

Its kind of painful to do so, but I guess if this is what I need, then I have to face it bravely.

Frankly, I am very disappointed with some people.

Its overwhelming and drowning at the same time.

And I'm like, "Oh no! What to be feeling?"

Then I try, and try, and try.

To piece things the way it is suppose to be.

But what I got was this really sour feeling, from my chest down my tummy.

It made me shiver a little, like I wasn't in me.

I have to rush to a mirror or wash my face, just to ensure that I am in place.

I want to be confirmed by myself, as a warrior to protect my sanity.

Because I know, no beings will be able to do so.

If I have to cry, I will cry an armour, a shield and a sword.

I will weep an entire army to protect the walls I built.

I will gather my tears and keep them away from me.

So far away, just like you and me.

Don't keep me in your mind, because some day you will get so busy with other things that you will forget about me.

Keep me in your heart.

Somewhere deep down inside.

In a corner not destroyed or broken, but just hurt.

Where you will no longer think about me, or miss me.

But one day, when I walked out of it, you will feel empty right there.

Puzzled and wondering why?

And, maybe that's when you will realize, I changed, because you changed.

I now chose, to be a bird with broken wings.

Its okay, for it will heal someday.

And when I am healed, I will spread my wings.

Till then, we will smile and brush shoulders.

It's pretty great indeed.

I have a prayer tonight. It goes out to anyone who needs it.

"Dear Heavenly Father,

As night falls, I pray that you blessed your creation with abundant joy and happiness.

Release pain and rip off the burden.

Let the ones in pain feel the most love.

Let the ones in need, get the most help.

Let everyone and everything be able to rejoice be it what comes charging towards them.

Do let the rain wash away all the pain of yesterday.

May you strengthen the weak and bless them with faith.

Let your angels be here to protect.

And in the gracious name of Jesus, I pray and ask, Amen."


P/s: I love you guys, I will be back real soon.

Till then, please take care, xo  ♥ ♥ ♥

If you watched the Hunger Games, LOOK AT THIS!

April 13, 2012

Just saw this on the net and decided to share it.

May the odds be ever in your favour (:

- Click on my ads on the right *winks*

P/s: I love you

April 13, 2012

Remember when the sun's rays penetrated the leaves of an afternoon day of May.

As I melted from the sunshine, I fell in a fit of laughter...

When we were still in school, up the hill.

He'd hug me from the back, and tell me to look at the shade of the sky and water.

For he told me they are the most ancient colour of the world.

Instead of starring at each other, we've been looking in the same direction for a long while.

Now I wish we were pretending we didn't know each other.

And I'd pretend he didn't have to go.

Hearing him play the harmonica, my heart sank deep.

Like knowing someday, this music will leak.

Leak into the hearts of others, but not only me.

Didn't know the last time heard, was a farewell bid.

I fell asleep at all of it, not knowing he's fighting at the ledge of it.

Memories flash back, I felt utmost safe.

The tunes are like his arms to stay.

If only nights like this would stay, I wouldn't have to face the day.

I did rush and I did chase, we were always a minute away.

But when I finally caught up, I was too late.

A lot of things have already changed.

She came by and her love was great.

I can't compare, but I can't deny.

She's one that can sacrifice.

This time I have to bid good bye.

I can't bear to see you in distress mind.

I am screaming loud inside of me, but it drowned out vainly by reality.

He will never get to know this, yet I will still be writing.

P/s: I love you

Fashion at Cineleisure

April 08, 2012

This is the long awaited challenge three.

And it's about fashion at Cineleisure.

Are you people ready for this? If you are, here we go!

Who is this?

It's Venice!!!!

And this is her street casual punk chic look!

Looks good right? ^^

We were at New urban male styling Venice.

Love the bling bling shoe.

And they are having their 9th anniversary celebration.

50% off, STOREWIDE!!!

create an animated gif

Having fun at New Urban Male!

While girls have fun, the bags goes to the guys. Haha!

Next we are to style Kiyomi, at Femmex!
animated gif maker

And you have no idea how much I love Femmex!

Or should I say, we?(:

It's really a nice place to camwhore!

Ha just look at them, happily camwhoring!

And I just love how much unique accessories they have!

Such a wide variety to chose from!

From chunky to classy, they have it all!

And also belts!

Haha was spotted shopping for accessories.

And here is Kiyomi's first look that she style herself.

I got her another top to go with the skirt!

Ha looks better right?

Yay Uptowngirls! (Kay I know random :/ )

The shop's supervisor is really nice, while we were thinking what's wrong with her outfit...

He passed her another top to match the skirt.

So tuck in your tail little duck, haha!

Filming for the video...

online gif creator

And anxiously checking how's the video.

So this is Kiyomi's Retro Geek style(:

Her finally look is the best right?

Picked by the supervisor!

And we were like, "No wonder he is a supervisor here, got good fashion sense" HAHA!

Happy shopping~

A picture with the supervisor at FEMMEX!

Guess where's next?

YES! becky berry!

Love the shades and geek specs there!

online gif creator

I just have a thing for geek specs I don't know why, ha!

create an animated gif

And Becky berry has a phone booth for their customer to call someone they love.

Just to say I love you.

Well, someone didn't pick up my call ):

So I'm off to finding clothes to style my look!

And target spotted!

Denim pants with TONS OF PINS!

That totally caught my attention!

I mean studded pants are getting boring, so bring the pins on!

online gif creator


I really love this casual yet not really plain look.

Love how well denim always works.

At first when I first get the pants, I am determined to have it as part of my outfit, die die must have.

But I was cracking my brain for the top!

Because chiffon will be weird, and they have a lot of chiffon tops there.

And normal T-shirts and tank tops with denim shorts?

It will be...

"O-H! S-O B-O-R-I-N-G"

It'll be really common and typical.

So I picked out a denim top, a sleeveless one.

As the colour of the denim is about the same to the pants.

And I think it works!

I was still afraid there will be too much denim on me.

But it just looks great, fun and different.

with the shredded back, wooooooo!

"We're bringing sexy back..."


Totally candid because I was trying to stop the filming as I said something wrong.

Its just perfect if you want something cute and different, yet not too much.

You can find the envelop bag, shoes and outfit above at Becky berry!!(:

And still, my best love there was the pants!

Pins pins pins.

Say hi to Gim! Ha!

And to Uncle Tehpeng!

Big thanks to them, helping us with the filming and all!

Don't know who Kiyomi is calling. Ha

Kiyomi's ah ma look!

A picture with the shop assistant(: lovely to be helping us around!(:



<span style="font-size: large; color: #000000;">

<object height="350" width="425" data="http://www.youtube.com/v/s-uNoRFXlPQ&feature" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"> <param name="data" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/s-uNoRFXlPQ&feature" /> <param name="src" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/s-uNoRFXlPQ&feature" /> </object>


Really had a fun day dressing up!

Read Venice and Kiyomi's post too!

Venice: http://valentinebaby-venice.blogspot.com/2012/04/cineleisure-next-online-sensation_08.html

Kiyomi: http://www.kiyomilim.com/2012/04/uptown-fashion-with-uptowngirls.html

Where did I go wrong?

April 06, 2012

Its really kind of crazy, time check 7:35a.m

And I am still awake despite the fact that my brain is already shutting on me.

Yet I just feel like ranting and ranting and ranting.

That's also the reason to this blog post.

I feel like a need of a beach right now and then just sleep right there.

Smelling the sea, feeling the breeze, just when can I do so?

I don't know why, but its kind of tangled up in me right now.

Nothing really happened, but just feet a heavy heart in me.

Like so unease of everything.

I thought, perhaps because I was so hungry throughout the night,

getting upset with my own princess temper.

Its driving me a little nuts.

And I have no one to talk too at this ungodly hour.

Even my dogs are asleep.

Nothing seems right even though nothings wrong.

Just if someone enlighten me about what on Earth is kicking a war in me.

I just feel bad about myself.

Feel annoyed and upset.

Kay bye.

How to vote for the Uptowngirls?

April 03, 2012

Firstly, I'd like to thank all of you who are facing issues about voting for us.

Because that means, you are trying to cast us a vote!

Ha, thank you so much.

I totally get your agony about trying to help, yet couldn't do so.

Thus I made this blog post!(:

You have to first click the "Sign in with Facebook" button when you go to the site http://www.nuffnang.com.sg/cineleisure-next-online-sensation/vote/


Even if you're directed to this site from facebook while logged in,

you still have to click that and allow access to the site.

If you did not sign in, and you click "vote" for us,

you will only see the pop up below.

Upon seeing that, it means that your vote is not casted.

And so the effort is wasted.

Thus I urge you guys to remember to sign in(:

Once you're signed in, the page will refresh, and they will welcome you to the page,

by changing the "Sign in with Facebook button" to "Hi, xxxxxxxxxxxxx"

(As you can see from the picture below)

Once you see your name there, it means, you're all ready to vote!

Scroll down, all the way to the bottom...


And you will see the UPTOWNGIRLS!

Click "VOTE NOW"

I really thank every single one of you that help us in this,

This truly means a lot to us, as I said, in life, once or twice, you definitely need to seek help from others.

Its just a few clicks away, and we will be really grateful for that.

I want to emphasise that you can vote hourly, yes, HOURLY! ^^

This voting system wouldn't last for long. So as long as you can, please help ):

We promise if we made it, we wouldn't forget about you guys!

And what more? Haha.

We have also created a Facebook group.

Its called: Please help me vote for UPTOWNGIRLS! Invite your friends!

I bet a lot of people are annoyed by the spam.

But its really just a gentle reminder from us.

My apology if it has cause you inconvenience in anyway.

But for those who are passionate about helping, please continue to do so.

Here's the link to the voting page:


If you still face problems while voting or have any enquiries, do feel free to approach us on any of the social platform(:

Kiyomi Lim: http://www.kiyomilim.com/

Venice Jacob: http://valentinebaby-venice.blogspot.com/

Love you guys. xoxo ♥♥

What is there to eat at Cineleisure?!?!

April 01, 2012

Singaporeans will only queue up for good deals.

So what good deal resulted this long queue?

It is... JAVIER'S!

Look how pack the place is.

Frankly speaking, upon seeing the place so crowded, my first thought was to have my dinner else where.

But the fact that so many people is queueing up for it, it must be remarkable.

Since the second part to this blog challenge is about F&B,

I decided to try something that I never tried before, instead of eating at the usual graffiti cafe, xin wang cafe, pastamania...etc

I chose Javier's.

But damn, queue so long ):

I always thought that Javier's is just something like western food.

But of course, its more than that!

When my queue finally start moving, I then manage to see the menu!


They give you an empty plate and you fill it up as much as it can hold.

JUST FOR $8.90!

Side dish!

Happy face because I am moving closer and closer, soon to be my turn to fill my plate!

Did I mention Javier's a salad bar?(:

Here we go! Me and my empty plate!







Drooling yet?

Looks so yummy~

Plus it includes a bowl of soup!!!

My bestie, Xiao' en(:

And we both are mushrooms lover!

Haha! She gave that face because the mushroom on her fork is RAW!

But edible of course, we took the raw one not knowing that there are cooked mushrooms!

So if you're going to Javier's, don't forget that the cooked food are at the end of the queue!

Time to dig in!

Seriously, this portion is just right for both of us!

Onion ring rocks.

*nom + wink*

That requires high level of skills okay! Haha.

So at the end, here's what we are left with.

Looks a bit waste, BUT! We are way better than a lot a lot and I meant really a lot people!

Cause they pile up all they can for this $8.90. Not how much they can eat.

Which results to a waste of food.

We finished all the cooked food, just left with those raw ones that are too raw for our tasting ):

When we are done we are mad filled, with the food we use to fill the plate. Haha!

But well, human's weakness. Frolick!

Cannot resist.

Just so yummy for the tummy :D

And guess what's my favourite cereals?

Got to be fruity pebbles!

They are just nice to see ( Because they are colourful) and nice to eat!

Oh and there was another day at Cineleisure.

Mary asked me to accompany her to movie.

And guess what show we watched?

The Hunger Games, again. HAHA! It was like my second time watching it, as I got to watch the gala premiere thanks to Nuffnang and Cathay.

So we watched it at Cine, and this time round, I tried to tie my hair like Katniss Everdeen ( The female lead in The Hunger Games movie)

Haha, took me quite long for that!

And say hi to Mary, we went to our usual, graffiti cafe for wanton mee,

and and and, ah boling!

Really am loving it ever since Venice introduces it to me that time.

I ordered ah boling and Mary ordered nuggets!

And below are some cute pictures of  ME!

Warning: Don't stare at it too long, cause you might just fall in love, aye! HAHA!

HAHAHA! Idk why I just find the four pictures above funny!

I wasn't posing at all!

I was chewing on a nugget that I stuff in my mouth! Ha!

Had lots of fun with my two girls on two different days.

Love them. And loving the place that we gather(:

Here's to the end of my post.

Made you guys drooled enough in front of your screen, time to wipe off your saliva(:

Will definitely go back to Javier's to have lunch/dinner with my friends, love Cineleisure!

Don't forget to click on my ads on the right.

And last thing!

As I am sharing with you guys about graffti, frolick and Javier's,

read up what food kiyomi and venice (my team-mates) got to share!

Here's to their blog link!

Kiyomi Lim: http://www.kiyomilim.com/2012/04/cineleisure.html

Venice Jacob: http://valentinebaby-venice.blogspot.com/2012/04/cineleisure-next-online-sensation.html

Cineleisure and then Cathay for The Hunger Game!

March 25, 2012

Yay angels and pixies!

Please congratulate the Uptown Girls for being shortlisted to take part in the...

Cineleisure's Next Online Sensation!

There's three part to this challenge, and the first part is spending a day at Cineleisure,

and the attend the Gala premiere for The Hunger Games at the Cathay(:

So are you curious who's the Uptown Girls?

Who does this two seems like to you?

Ha yes! Kiyomi!

And Venice!

So was at Artease for bubble tea of course.

Haha, pretty awesome because there's also Gongcha when you exit Cine, going towards Scape!


You sticky fan too? Hi-5! Because I totally love eating sticky.

I have already stolen a few packs of my sister's sticky!

My sister always buy sticky back home, and once I found it, it became mine. HAHA!

Next up, where else could this be?


Our movie was at 7pm, so we went to have our dinner first(:

I think Graffiti Cafe has the best wanton mee ever, yes ever.

I really love pontian's wanton mee!

And what's more, its so cheap!

Me and Kiyomi had wanton mee while Venice had Ahboling.

Ha-ha! Do you know what is Ahboling?

Maybe you do, maybe you don't~

So Ahboling is actually...







*Tang yuan*

I didn't know that Ahboling is tang yuan and tang yuan is Ahboling!

And its just two bucks for a bowl there!

Kay this is not really totally randomness.

I was trying out Instagram!

Because I downloaded Instagram for quite some time already,

and ... and ... and ... I never use it before!

So I decided it was time for me to use it!

Thus I keep whining and ask Kiyomi to teach me how to use it.

Ha, here's us. Camwhoring at Graffiti Cafe.

Then she teaching me how to do the effects and uploading it ^^

And Venice keep laughing at me, just because I don't know how to use )):

So now I have Instagram and you guys must come follow me all right? xx

Venice's about-to-spoil lipstick.

Haha, what's Graffiti cafe without vandalism?

We decided to contribute to the vandalism there.

At first we asked the counter for a marker.

But the one they gave us was running out of ink.

I suggested to use my eyeliner, but Kiyomi was like,

"Aiyo! So waste, cannot cannot." Haha!

So we finally decided to use that.

And here's what we wrote.

Follow us and also @Cineleisure on twitter now!(:

- @seowhuiwen

- @kiyomilim

- @venzzzie

search #Itsgonnagetsensational to get more updates from all of the participating teams!

Who can resist famous amos? Definitely not me!

And my favourite is the 'no nut chocolate chip', never am I a nutty person.

After getting the cookies, we made our way down to The Cathay!

Phone / Electronic device deposit counter.

So we are to surrender all our electronic gadgets.

And I really mean, all.

Look, at first, we queue up and deposited all our cameras and phone.

Even Venice's camera-less phone needs to be deposited.

Then we went up to queue and get ready for bag check before going in the theatre,

Kiyomi suddenly said that she forgot to deposit her iPad.

Thus we have no choice, but to go down back to level one to deposit her iPad.

Afterwards, we came up and re-queue.

Just as we are checking our bags, they found a psp in Venice's bag.

And asked her to go deposit it at level one.

We were all like "Omfg, you freaking serious??"

At this point of time, we got help from this lady that's working there.

She's really helpful, and her service was really great.

She help us get our seats and because we don't have our phone and Venice got to go down alone,

it will be hard to contact each other, so she became our messenger and guide Venice to our seats.

I really appreciate that(:

Oh ya! We also get to see Zoeraymond and Ladyironchef at The Cathay!!! ^^

Here's The Hunger Games's movie tickets.

P/s: Both of them got painted nails ):

Below is the trailer!

<span style="font-size: medium;">

<object height="350" width="425" data="http://www.youtube.com/v/SMGRhAEn6K0&feature" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"> <param name="data" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/SMGRhAEn6K0&feature" /> <param name="src" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/SMGRhAEn6K0&feature" /> </object>


I really like the movie!

I didn't know its from a book.

But well, am sure the book is as good.

Actually, I didn't watch any trailer or anything before the movie.

Thus, I was anticipating throughout the movie!

It was exciting and touching at some point.

Nothing close to a boring movie like knowing whats gonna happen next.

Its also funny at certain time of the show!(:

Totally gonna worth the ticket money!

The Hunger Games is actually something like a good show to the city people.

They will select two from each district, a guy and a girl.

There is twelve districts, therefore, there will be twenty-four people competing in the game.

And yes, one, there will be only one winner.

Which means, there's only one survivor, twenty-three will drop dead.

The female lead on the poster, wasn't selected to play the game.

Instead, her younger sister was.

In order to take her place, she volunteered herself.

How she fight to keep herself alive is up to you guys to check it out in the cinema!

Shall not tell you guys any further than this, ha.

<span style="font-size: large;">

<object height="350" width="425" data="http://www.youtube.com/v/8AbG4F5WEHk&list" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"> <param name="data" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/8AbG4F5WEHk&list" /> <param name="src" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/8AbG4F5WEHk&list" /> </object>


Oh lastly, here's a video of us, the Uptown Girls spending a day at Cineleisure.

Just like a common saying in the movie, The Hunger Games,

"May the odds be ever on 'our' favour"

Support us all right, help us to RT our tweets and share our posts! <3

P/s: Click on my ads on the right ^^ Love love.

Make It Right For A Better Ride

March 22, 2012

Hey people. Its time to make it a better ride.

Its time to flaunt your inner graciousness.

Don't tell me you don't give that stare when an elderly, a pregnant lady or just someone in need of seat standing there,

and the people sitting down was either dumb or paralyzed.

Don't tell me you didn't wish you had a seat just so you could give it up!

I know I know!

Because I am just like you!

And I personally feel that offering seats to the people who needs it,

is not only the duty of the people sitting at the reserved seats.

You don't have to be sitting at the reserved seats to give your seats to them!

Everyone and anyone can do so(:

I always feel so proud when I see our nation people being so generous and helpful.

Its just so heartwarming when they express their kindness through just a beautiful act.

I believe the foreigners on the train see us that way too.

And seeing gracious and considerate acts like this totally brightens your day.

Not only seeing of course, doing even make your days better!

With all the posters as gentle reminders to us! (:

This is my favourite poster! Despite I love a lot of their poems!

Below are a few that I thought was really good too (:

Feel like making a poem too, so here's mine(:

Read this people, and keep in mind.
We are all here to take the ride.
Just how can we make this right?
To give up our seat? Or move inside?
We can make this a better ride.
So don't hesitate to smooth the ride.
Give up your seats to the one who needs.
Make patience a virtue when in need.
And don't push your way, through the door.
For the gap at platform will grab you whole.
Please be gracious to others on board.
And just then, they will be gracious too.

Okay, mine wasn't that fantastic, BUT I TRIED OKAY!

Haha, love your ride *wink*

Oh ya!

Join the “Make It Right For A Better Ride” Twitter contest and stand to win a pair of movie tickets! More details on http://on.fb.me/betterride

Yay! TDF products!

March 18, 2012

My previous post about struggling with acne/blackheads has made it to the top 20.

All thanks to Nuffnang and TDF, I have won the products below ♥

No more struggling with acne *winks*

Click on my nuffnang ads people 

Break away soon.

March 17, 2012

I really really really need need need to party soon.

Yes. Very deprived of it.

My life revolves around work and work and work.

Kay fine, and some times mahjong.

Didn't do much on a Thursday night.

Went to Clarke Quay with Nab and friends to grab drinks and catch up.

Was at IndoChine, even bump into my primary school friend there.

Ha, what a surprise.

Been so long since I meet Nab ):

Camwhore a while before I left.

Last picture, and I hate how its blur.

But well, its okay, will meet the peeps at dance floor very soon(:


Updates, xo

March 08, 2012

Hey peeps!

I am really busy recently, especially with work ):

My shift was really mad crazy, thus I don't even have time to use the comp.

Been only on the net using my phone.

Anyway, I do have photos and all to update, but well I got to rush again.

Thus, I will update it on the next post.

Will update my blog asap, miss blogging, xx

Blessed day ahead <3

Find Out What Type of Singapore You Are!

February 28, 2012

Want to know what type of Singaporean are you?


Its really simple!


First, you got to log in!

You can either sign up or log in using facebook!

I connect using Facebook as it saves me the time of signing up.

So this is what you will see when you're connected.

Click THE QUIZ at the top, and start!

Its only ten questions away to knowing what kind of Singaporean you are.

The questions changes all the time.

So here's mine.

So now... guess what kind of Singaporean I am?












You can also share the link on Facebook and ask your friends to take the quiz too!

Quiz: http://itsmyturn.sg/

I find the quiz really kind of true.

I am the " Say it like it is" kind of person!

Though I get negative a lot, but after that I still do look on the bright side.

(All thanks to the supports of my friends and family <3)

And yeah so I'd say the quiz is 80% accurate ^^

Besides the quiz, the website also has a lot of interesting things.

I explored the web for quite some times.

It has what Singaporeans have to say, and the reflection of Singaporeans.

And here's the percentage of the people who took the quiz for each question.

46% of Singaporeans drink bubble teaaaa!

I am part of the 46%!

During the NDP, 16% consider the Kallang wave as their favourite moment. HAHA

Its my favourite too!(:

And at the "participate" page, you can participate or create something for people to participate!

I really find some of the events meaningful and thoughtful.

Like "Look up" taking a break, enjoying the sky, whenever and wherever you are.

And participating in "Bring your own bags"! GO GREEN!

Its so meaningful isn't it?

Its kind of heart warming to know that people care to do so and people are participating in it.

It shows the heart of us Singaporeans.

There's more meaningful participation you can take part in.

Hop over to http://itsmyturn.sg/ now!!!

#Proud to be a Singaporean <3

Chocolates ♥.♥

February 20, 2012

On Valentine's Day, I saw a lot of people holding royce's plastic bag.

I was telling Xiao'En, its so depressing to have no chocolates on Valentines.

So I went to Royce and bought a box of bitter chocolate.

No idea why, but just feel like having the bitter one.

Then when we were back to work, my colleague told me my date was here to find me.

I was thinking that they are pulling a joke as I have no date this valentine.

So I went over and saw this guy, holding royce's plastic bag.

And it turns out to be an online friend from facebook that I've never met before.

Haha, the above picture is the chocolate he bought for me, thanks(:

And two of my ex-colleagues came back to visit us on Valentine day too.

They bought us chocolates also!

This is from Weijie.

And this is from Garner.

This two is from Joanne when she came back to visit us.

And during Xmas.

And this was from Joanne again when she drop by yesterday, so sweet of her.

And she got a small gift for some of us.

Guess what is it?

So colourful right?

This is mine.


I can't bear to eat the skittles ):

Haha, its really really very thoughtful of her.

I really miss her a lot ):

I realized that working at Massimo, I ate tons of royce's chocolates.

Today Syafiq bought Xiao'En royce's chocolate too, cause Xiao'En is quitting already.

Ha, then got chocos to eat again.

Think need to cut down on my choco intake.

All right guys, turning in, nights, xx

Grand Opening Carnival of Greenwich V

February 15, 2012

So thanks to Omy and the Fareast team, I have the opportunity to bring bee bee to the grand opening carnival of Greenwich V.

Greenwich V is a new mall operated by the Fareast group.

And its located at Seletar area.

So all this balloons are supposed the cover up the sculptures behind.

Its like an opening ceremony for them to reveal the sculptures that are mysteriously covered up.

The hosts.

The entertainers~

And I find the group of guys wearing the green balloon hats really cute.

What an adorable theme they have(:

And this guy spinning a plate and posing for people, cool.

While the balloons rise, the sculptures are revealed.

I bet all the Seletar residents must be so happy that they finally build a mall here.

They place is like so ulu!

From what I know, they said that this place is 50% food outlets.

Mainly catering to the needs of the people leaving near by.

Its looks like a really good place to chill and have lunch or dinner.

If you want breakfast got Toast Box some more. Ha!

Went to the second level where the carnival was held.

Balloons to pacify the kids, ha.

Its really heart warming to see families coming together to attend this grand opening carnival.

Queuing for? Cold Stone Ice-Cream!

And buffet for everyone!

No one queue for green apples, haha.

Ha, here I am, giving the plate spinning a shot.


We were walking around, checking out the place and saw the workers bursting all the helium balloons.

So bee took some from them and played with it.

Well, as in, she told me to suck in some helium gas and when I talk,

my voice became like those act cute voice. Haha!

It was so interesting and funny! ^^

Bee ♥

Me :D

The art booth~

I look so short here right? Haha!

So is bee bee ;p

Earlier on that day, I was just tweeting that I have cotton candy cravings as I was looking at the fluffy clouds.

And here comes the cotton candy to satisfy me!

Green apple flavour! Ha.

I wish I have that machine, so I can make my own candy floss ):

Bee with the candy floss.

Poor thing ): She got bruise on her shoulder and she don't know why ):

*Pop* *Pop* *Pop* Popcornnnnn!

Guess what their popcorns are GREEN too!

Green balloons, green apples, green candy floss and now GREEN POPCORN!

Imagine the buffet with all veggies, and green colouring rice.


Now, I didn't took pictures of the sculptures earlier on as there's too many people.

So as night falls, we walked back down to take pictures of the statues(:

The pilot was to remember Seletar.

The tree with birds represents the sound of nature.

And lastly, the children represents the memories(:

Its really a meaningful collection of sculptures.

Bet the residents feel the same way(:

This is so candid! I was trying to untie the knot of this two balloons for bee bee.

The lightings make the whole mall looks like a mini resort!

Oh this is the goodie bag they gave the bloggers.


I was in the cab and I was still munching on the green popcorn ^^

A tumbler that's included in the goodie bag, kay, now I don't have to bring water bottle to work :D

All in all, I had an awesome time with my dearest girl.

Its been some times since we hang out.

But every time we do, it's just awesome.

We cab to cine in the end and wanted to take neoprints.

Only to realize the neoprint shop in Cine is GONE.

Aw man! We always take neoprints there ):

Oh well, heard that Bugis still have the neoprint shop.

Shall go Bugis next time then.

Fantastic time walking around a new mall, grabbing all the free treats.

Perfect place to chill.

We even went to the roof, HAHA.

There will be a whole series of activities going on at Greenwich V.

So if you're wanting a place to relax, do hop over and check it out.

Here's the activities that await you at level two of Greenwich V.

P/s: If you want all the yummy treats I have....

Free Yummy Treats! (18 & 19 Feb, 2:30pm)

- Green Candy Floss

- Green popcorn

- Cold stone creamery ice ♥.♥

Free Balloons! (18 & 19 Feb, 12:30pm)

Candies Giveaway With Adorable Dragon Mascot! (18 & 19 Feb, 4:30pm)

Balloon Sculpturing Workshop! (18 & 19 Feb, 2:30pm)

Play dough Sculpturing Workshop! (18 & 19 Feb, 6:30pm)

Washable Tattoo Art! (18 Feb, 12:30pm)

Sand Art! (19 Feb, 12:30pm)

There's also spin the wheel, spend and be rewarded...etc

So keep your receipts and redeem free things!

Greenwich is located at: Along the junction of Yion Chu Kang Road and Seletar Road. 1 Seletar Road, Singapore 807011

You can take bus 70, 70M, 103, 854
(Aligt opp Seletar Hills Estate, YCK Road)

Or you can take bus 70, 70M, 86, 163, 854
(Alight after Jalan Kayu, YCK Road)

Taxi: Turn in via Seletar Road. Drop off point locatd near toast box.

Driving: Turn in via Seletar Road, total 115 parking lots.

OR! You can take the FREE SHUTTLE BUS SERVICE!! :D

For the complete route details and schedule of the shuttle bus,

do visit, www.greenwichv.com.sg

That's all peeps, xoxo ♥

Blackheads? Oily and acne prone skin?

February 12, 2012

Women never stop struggling with all this.

Acne, blackheads and oily skin.

For me, I guess my most major issue is blackheads.

Next up, its acne.

Mostly blackheads.

Cause I really can't stand the sight of it.

And I will definitely squeeze it.

I end up becoming a Rudolph at the end of the day.

Worse thing, the redness stays for at least one whole day to two days!

As I have hurt my skin ):

But there's so much I can do.

The most fed up thing is that, after squeezing it and all, it doesn't come out!

I really can burst and explode squeezing them.

I remember there's once, I used FINE SALT that people use to cook,

to get rid of my pimples!

YES! The salt you add to your dishes!

Well, you can't blame me.

My mom told me that if there's ulcer in my mouth,

I can gargle salt water and it will be recover faster.

So that thought came over me, thus I tried using salt + water to rub on my pimples.

And yes, please do not try it because its not effective on pimples.

I was just too desperate to get rid of my pimples ):

So if you're struggling with Acne like me...

Why not grab a free Therapeutic Dermatologic Formula (TDF)’s sample at http://www.facebook.com/TDFsg

Definitely, you should give it a try!

All the bullshit break-up lines

February 12, 2012

Fashionable Messenger Bag

February 10, 2012

Messenger bags? Yes apparently, the messengers first wore them to deliver letters.

Thus they are called the messenger bag.

(I love the one in the picture above)

Over the years, messenger bag has slowly be part of fashion.

It fits the casual style perfectly.

Jeans, buttons up. Looks just as neat.

Its really a great addition to all the casual attire.

They do look good in hats (Depending on what kind)

You can even have a more atas look, by getting a black leather messenger bag?

In fact, messenger bags come in a lot of different materials.

Most would feature waterproof materials as there's a lot of things to be carried in a messenger bag usually.

Like pvc, leather or nylon. While others can be in cotton canvas, silk or velvet, that are not waterproof.

As I search online...

they call this a messenger bag also.

To me, I think that a messenger bag must live up to its name.

Meaning, to be able to hold 'that much' of stuff its name seems to be able to.

From what I read online, A Messenger Bag should be able to hold a laptop (not a mini netbook) of with a screen of about 15″ or 17″.  If it can’t hold anything at least that large, and goes over your shoulder like any other satchel, you’re wearing a murse.

Of course, that's just one's point of view. But I do agree to it.

Surprisingly, I found out there's messenger bags for women's and messenger bags for men.

Though I can't really see the difference, but oh well, they label it.

I find that a real fashionable messenger bag would be the very original classic kind.

Brown, old, vintage.

It give me a very comfortable feeling.

Like you're carrying a supposedly BIG bag, with tons of stuff, and you're cool with that.

I mean, some people doesn't really like to carry things out.

Cellphone, keys, wallet and off you go.

The less the better.

But with a messenger bag, you're just showing the world...

What? I still can look good while having to bring out tons of stuff.

Messenger bags usually comes in a rectangular shape.

Able to fits A4, laptops, magazines....

And messenger bags are something like, jeans.

They can become cooler as they become older.

Of course not till torn and tattered and holes all over the edges.

Still, I can't stop thinking its a vintage piece.

It just looks that way to me, somehow it just doesn't seems outdated.

Good news perhaps, I read that you can actually customize your own messenger bag.

Choosing your own fabrics, design, lining, pockets, compartment in your messenger bag.

The price can range from very affordable to extremely lavish.

Though customizing your own messenger bag is freaking cool and dope.

I believe you still find the original one classic right?

Have fun with fashion, we definitely can fashion the old days(:

New online boutique, coming real soon!

February 09, 2012


A new online boutique is coming up real soon.

It's called... Not Just Skeletons!

Currently, the website is not up yet.

But of course, when I say real soon, I mean it.

The link below is Not Just Skeletons's Facebook page.


Please please please go and like it!

A sneak preview is up on the Facebook page.

So if you're keen to know what is there besides the skeletons, hop over and check it out all right?

And below are just some "behind the scene" pictures.

Everard Seah.

Erica Soh, model for Not Just Skeletons's first collection.

Xiao'En helping Erica with the hair.

Yes, you are right, he's the most lepak one.

Ha! Farmer Seah.

That's just some extra shoots for fun.

Xiao'En and I had subway as dinner and headed back to Woodlands.

I was telling Xiao'En my make up looks like those girls in Chinese films,

where they have demons, (pretty demons) like vixen or the bone spirit that looks pretty yet evil.

HAHA! I don't know why, but my eye make up just make me feel this way.

Really have the feel to blog today.

I had work earlier on in the day, was doing early shift.

Work was actually fine, but my in-charge told me that I can't wear my earrings to work.

Guess its too beautifully distracting, oh well.

Anyway, I didn't really had a good sleep today.

Slept at three in the morning, wakey at seven plus.

But in between, I kept waking up like at least four times ):

That's only four hours plus of sleep and I woke up at least four times!


Anyway, there's still a few blog post that I wanna do, but doesn't have the time currently.

1) Random camwhore photos with Mary and Tian Ning to post up.

2) A whole lot of requests to research on. (My apology as I am really busy these few days)

3) Official introduction of Not Just Skeletons when the site is up.

4) My personal struggle with oily & acne prone skin + The worse method I've tried to get rid of pimples.

5) Advertorial (Wait till I receive the item)

6) Grand Opening Carnival of Greenwich V, a new mall operated by the Far East group, which I am attending TOMORROW.

So stay tune okay? And don't you break my heart by forgetting to click on my nuffnang ads.

Go click it now ^^ Right side>>>>>>

Love you all, xoxo <3

What did I spend my pay on?

February 09, 2012

Here's in respond to someone who has been asking me what I bought few days back.

Yes! Its pay day few days ago.

But well, I am still feeling broke right now, darn.

Kay, so briefly, here are the stuff I bought.


Frankly speaking, I really like using cyber colors products.

Its really good.

And this is the latest concealer kit they have.

The best part is that it comes in three shades!

Cyber colors compact foundation.

Cyber colors do have a few kind of compact foundation.

Which I don't really get the difference myself too, shall check out the difference some day.

New perfume. Got The Beat for myself and Incanto's Dream for mommy~

Mad in love with diva's accessories!

A pity they are really kind of expensive.

And shades o.o

I am thinking of changing the heart shape one to real specs.

But will it be too bold?

Or should I just stick back to using normal geek specs?

Couldn't make up my mind still. Anyway, that's all for now, gonna work on my next post(:

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♥♥♥ Baby G ♥♥♥

February 05, 2012

Yay! Here's the white Baby-G that Casio gave me!

So now, I have both black and white Baby G watch!

Awesome yeah? HAHA! And both are basic colours, easy to match too!(:

Really appreciate Casio for being so generous.

Totally love this contest so much, meeting all the other bloggers plus free watches!

Just hoping it don't get dirty! Ha!


Now I can alternatively flaunt my two Baby-G watches infront of my friends! :D

Of course, not forgetting Omy! Thanks Omy, love love!


February 04, 2012

Ha check this out peeps!

Two Most Popular Dance Sneakers Brands

February 03, 2012

So after researching online, on forums and all, the conclusion I got is that this two brands are namely the best two.

Its Capezio and Bloch!

The dance sneaker above is Capezio's.

It's a leather dance sneaker.

This shoe provide good support for your ankle.

This is also Capezio's dance sneaker.

Its call the Capezio Web sneaker.

This dance sneaker is said to be extremely flexible.

It's made of mesh materials to increase air flow, and lastly, its a lightweight choice of dance shoe.

Pardon me for the pink. Ha, it do comes in other colours.


This is a Bloch dance sneaker.

It's called, Bloch Amalgam Canvas Sneaker.

It's said to be flexible and comfortable.

Dri-lex lining is non wrinkle. It keeps the foot dry and odor-resistant.

Its made of soft canvas and mesh upper.

Ultra lightweight too~

This is the Bloch Amalgam Leather Sneaker.

This dance sneaker actually has the same properties as the right above.

The only difference is obvious.

One is leather, and one is canvas.

This is called the Bloch Wave Dance Sneaker.

The attractive colours really did attract me.

The heel enhances shock absorption and comfort and the non marking split sole with TPU spin spot! Its ideal for turning and retaining contact with the floor.

This is Bloch Boost Sneaker.

Its said to be the most popular jazz sneaker!

It is smart and practical for jazz, street and modern dance!

It has a spin spot for smooth and slick turns on the floor, air cushioned heel for comfort and split sole for flexibility!

So this a few designs that I find quite nice.

Anyway, I read this up and its about comparing jazz shoes and dance sneakers.

Dance sneakers are more pricey (Around S$100) but its comfortable.

It has lots of cushioniong and thus a little chunky.

Whereas jazz shoes are less pricey (Around S$60) but,

its not as durable as dance sneakers.

Frankly, I'd rather pay forty bucks more for a more durable shoe.

Its also with less cushioning, but your feet will feel light and nimble.

(Researched form the net)

I guess this information is good when you wanna purchase a dance sneaker.

It serves as a guide.

Dance Sneakers

Dance sneakers are great for class, and whenever you intend to spend long hours dancing. They're comfortable, have good shock-absorption and come in all kinds of snazzy designs. Dance sneakers are often characterized by split soles - instead of a single piece, the sole is divided into the front section, from toe to ball of foot, and the back section, which is under the heel. There is no sole under the middle section of the foot, which is where your arch is. The two most popular brands for dance sneakers are Capezio and Bloch.

When buying dance sneakers, be sure to choose a design that is suitable for the width of your feet. Certain Capezio designs are great for slim feet, while most Bloch designs are great for wider feet. Whatever your size, make sure that the shoe fits around your entire foot snugly. Don't get a shoe that's too big. It will make you feel clumsy and end up tripping you.

If cost is not an issue and you're in a hurry to get your shoes, you can buy your dance sneakers from any of the stores below. Do note that the prices will be much steeper than if you buy over the Internet (definitely over S$100), and the range of designs and sizes will be rather limited.

If time is not an issue and you want to get the lowest  price possible, the best place to shop is online. You can save up to 60% at times. The only disadvantage is you can't try the shoes for size and fit. So if you're looking to buy shoes online, you can either try your fellow salseroes' shoes (assuming they are wearing the design you want and are willing to let you put your foot in it), or create an outline of your foot and post it to the merchant. DO NOT FAX your outline, as the received fax is likely to show an image smaller than your actual size. To reduce shipping costs, try to accumulate a few ordersbefore you make the purchase. You can also try the delivery service,  vPOST.

And here are two stores in Singapore that sells Capezio and Bloch dance sneakers.

Sonata Rainbow (sells Capezio & Bloch dance sneakers)
150 Orchard Road
#03-05 Orchard Plaza
Singapore 238841

Operating Hours: Mon to Sat: 11a to 7p. Sun: 12p to 4p. Closed on Public Holidays.

OKH Ballet Centre (sells Capezio dance sneakers)
19 Tanglin Road
#03-19 Tanglin Shopping Centre
Singapore 247909

Operating Hours: Mon to Fri: 1030a to 6p. Sat & Sun: 1030a to 5p. Closed on Public Holidays.

Tel: +65 6732 0129
Email: okhsales@okhballet.com.sg

Please do help to click on my nuffnang ads on the right! Thanks, xoxo!

The weird mystery on my blog's tagboard

January 31, 2012

So today, I saw someone by the name of "Oldfriend" posted on my tagboard asking me if I have been fucked before.

I highlighted it in green in the picture above.

It was then followed by another comment posted by the name of "SHW♥bryant".

And it says, "Yes, I have. Since I am small in size. It was very pain."

Which I highlighted in red above.

Then I posted, using the name of "SHW♥Oldfriend" (Highlighted in yellow above) saying that,

if the person tell me which old friend of mine is he/she, I will tell him/her if I've had sex before.

I am just curious which old friend of mine will be asking this question.

Frankly speaking, I got tons of this kind of questions on formspring.

"Done a blowjob?"

"Had sex?"


"Are you still a virgin?"

Its like, nothing new to me, so I am more interested in knowing who this person is.

And I totally overlook the comment by the name of "SHW♥bryant".

I got to say that the person who imitate me do type like I do.

But sadly, a fake is always a fake.

And there's always loopholes to it.

That dumbfuck thought that I always reply using the name of "SHW♥bryant"

Because my tagboard is quite dead, and I guess bryant is the only one that still drop by often to drop me a tag.

He/she forgot to scroll down and check out how I reply to other people.

Because I reply people depending on the name they use to tag.

Like if its bee who tagged me, I will be replying using the name, "SHW♥bee".

And the same goes to all the other names.

Be it "psby" or just a "hi".

I still reply accordingly to the name who tagged me.

Well well, something then caught my attention.


16:18 and 16:23 which imitator will be stalking my blog and then replying to that comment so quickly?


This brought up a lot of questions in my mind.

That "Oldfriend" of mine even posted on my formspring asking the same thing.

My gut feelings just tell me, its weird.

So I check out the ip address on my tagboard account, and...

Checkmate! You bitch!


What the fuck, seriously?!

Eh bro, I think you really am not fine.

Cannot think? Or are you brain-less?

Its sick in the mind that you're doing this.

Its like you're acting and directing your own drama!

Good Lord! You're such a poor soul.

Now you learn of your own mistakes, if you want to imitate me, at least do your homework first.

Don't even know the way I reply people and you want to imitate me?

I am sure now you know where you went wrong, you will be back with an improved scheme.

Bring it on loser.

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